Dr. luka fajs

Luka comes from Slovenia and holds a PhD in Medical Microbiology. Before starting the company he was doing research and clinical laboratory diagnostics of hemorrhagic fevers, biothreats and other infectious diseases. He spent a lot of time in the field, helping doctors and nurses in low-income countries to set up and improve their diagnostic preparedness. During his work, he saw firsthand the drawbacks of the existing medical diagnostics system that is mostly centralized, capital-intensive, with many people not enjoying adequate access to it. That was the motivation to join Prof. Robert's laboratory in Singapore where he took over the fundraising and startup activities of the technology. He continued as CEO of Biosensorix and helped secure early funding and directed the research and development activities. He is a passionate entrepreneur with deep knowledge of diagnostics, user expectations, and basic science.

prof. robert s. marks

Prof. Dr. Robert S. Marks is the co-inventor of the technological platform and is a renowned expert and key opinion leader in the field of biosensors. He is a Full Professor at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, at the Department of Biotechnology Engineering, The National Institute for Biotechnology in the Negev and the Ilse Kats Centre for Nanotechnology. He is presently a Visiting Scientist in the NTU-MSE, and was a program coordinator for the NRF CREATE program “Nanomaterials for Water and Energy Management”. Robert has previously co-founded Biosensing Technologies Ltd, Biopixel Ltd and Polyrizon Ltd. He will be assisting with advising the development of the next generation prototype and establishing the business collaboration with potential partners. Prof. Marks has extensive experience in development of biosensors. He is the Editor-in-Chief of a 2007 2-volume Wiley Handbook in Biosensors and Biochips and a 2014 Viral Diagnostics book for virus detection. He is the author of 150+ papers (H-index 27), and numerous chapters. He has 4 issued patents as well as a dozen filed.


Dr. Falk Fish

Dr. Falk Fish is a pioneer in the field of Point-of-care diagnostics with over 30 years of experience in medical rapid in-vitro diagnostic devices. He was a member in the founding team of Inverness Medical, Alere predecessor (acquired by Abbott).


Joseph is a founding partner at Verge Capital Singapore, and was a Principal in Oliver Wyman’s Singapore office, leading life sciences and digital health across Asia, sits on the Advisory Board of Galen Growth Asia and is a startup mentor at the Singapore Institute of Management.


VP Manufacturing Operations at TriReme Medical, LL. Previously at Abbott (i-STAT). devices. John has extensive experience in manufacturing and operations of medical device companies.


Branka has over 20 years of experience in directing and managing Clinical Trials and Clinical Operations previously at Roche, currently at Bayer. Directed and managed clinical trials Phase II –IV in HIV/HVC Co-infected patients, HIV, HCV, Cardiology, Urology and Women’s Health and currently Phase I trials in Chagas disease.